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18 Sep

This leaves the final alternate explanation: Young marriages are exposed to higher risk of divorce in the first 10 years because the wife’s chances of remarriage are highest when she is young.

In part one of this series I proposed a model for women to skip the carousel and marry young, provided they can find a husband they are head over heels in love with and trust to lead them in life.

In this post I’ll address the statistics around the common argument that young marriage leads to higher divorce rates because young women “don’t yet know who they are”.

Since husbands are more likely to pass away before their wives, more men who were interviewed had experienced long marriages than women.

For this same reason, the results for men are likely a better fit when considering divorce risk since death of their spouse is less of a factor.

They separate it out by men and women; the above chart is for men, and here is the same chart for women: While the two charts are similar there is some difference.